Life as Vapor | A Real Testimony by patgogoi

posted on 29 Oct 2010 14:54 by patgogoi

A real testimony by patgogoi for English reader! ^^
Well, long time happened.
James 4:14 “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapor, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.”

Thank God for allowing me to live until now, so I could have a chance to come back to see fresh-air-and-country life this year again in Romania, and learned some experiences with Him, quite bitter, but when I thought about it, umm… sweet.

One big happiness of my husband’s parents visit is, I could see my husband’s grandma, who will become 84 in this November. From time to time I thought, when I was in Thailand, if I would see her again when we go to Romania next time. On the first day we arrived, after greeting my in-laws I went to see her. She has her own house next to us. And when I saw her, I ran immediately into her arms. I wanted to kiss her cheeks, as her custom does, but I could not release myself from her hug, since she was holding me, crying, “I thought I will never have a chance to see you again, my child.”

My husband and I went to see her almost everyday. Like other old people, she told us stories which had happened long, long time ago in her life. For some stories I thought it was just happened recently, but my husband confirmed me later that it was a long past.

Upon limit of my Romanian, I understood that she often talked about unpleasant things or events which happened long time in her life, but seemed to her that they are still lively, and she even cried when talking about those things – worry, anger, grief, etc.

She still holds the world with her, I thought. Sometimes, I heard my husband said to her, “Grandma, please tell us something which made you happy.”

One morning she came to us and said that she was afraid of death. Later I talked frankly and humbly with my husband, “See, your grandma is so old, but she still attaches herself to the world. I thought she would count down her time on earth and prepare her heart for the grave, and leave all worldly cares or anger behind.” My husband sadly responded, “Hmm, my grandma needs more prayers. I also feel pity for her that she still doesn’t understand how God wants human to live. And it would be even sadder if she would really lose her eternal life by keeping all that garbage in her heart.” So sad. And that made me think of the above mentioned Bible verse: For what is your life? It is even a vapor.

Although, I cannot speak Romanian so well that I could have a long talk with her about that, I pray hard and often for her. With my husband, too.

About a couple of weeks ago, it was a Sunday evening, I wanted to take a bath. Here we use cooking gas to generate hot water. Our warming machine is connected directly to the cooking gas tank in the kitchen, all faucets in the house poured out hot water when it’s turned on. And the bathroom is next to the kitchen.

While I was taking a bath, my husband stayed also around talking with me, suddenly we heard his mom’s voice very loud, being shouted in the kitchen. I did not understand. Meanwhile, my husband went quickly out to see what was happening. I was still in the bath, but knowing that something unpleasant happening in the kitchen. I hurried up. And then I came out from the bathroom, seeing smoke all around. I called my husband aloud. At once he shouted back, “Stay there, and do not come here. There is fire!” And then I heard his voice saying in his language which means, “Go, go, get away from there, it may explode.” Now, I understood. I went shockingly back into the bathroom, looking around where I should go to hide myself. But there seemed nowhere to go, so I sat down and pray in shock.

Right then, I know that everything was fine again, when the chaotic voices calmed down. I went to see my husband right away, feeling more in secure now. Smoke still covered around the place. And in the kitchen wall I saw it black of fire!

We were talking about what has just happened. I asked my husband how the fire stopped and he said that his father run to the cooking gas tank which connected to the machine and close its valve. There was no gas, then no more fire. Our daughter was there, and she asked her father some questions. I heard once he answered to her, “Satan wants to kill us.” “Oh, he wants us to love him, right?” “No, he does not need our love. He wants everybody to die! You should go to bed now and pray thanking God for sending His angel to protect us, otherwise we all would die and could not work for God.”


Yes, Satan wants everybody to die. He does not need any love or sympathy from us. He just wants us to die. If God’s angel was not there and prevented us, probably it would be explosion and we all might die, and I could not write this letter to witness His mercy to you now.

I looked outside, it was dark. Satan is trying to take human’s life day and night like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. I thought of this and shivered. We went to bed a while later and did not forget to thank God for not allowing Satan to take our life now. God may have a big plan for us in the future, I said silently to myself.

Now, when all what happened are still alive in my mind, I keep thinking about it again: Life is like a vapor. You do not know what will happen tomorrow. Even in a few minutes you do not know what will happen with you.